Found this on the flight of ambition, it’s a great thing to live by.


Weighty White Decision

So, as all good stories start, I sat at my desk in my office today and did what I do best, contemplated a decision. There’s snow on the ground, it’s cold outside and I’m off for the day because my car just won’t handle ice and snowy roads well. So I looked at what was going on and figured some things out (Well one big thing really).

After the holidays every year I get on the scale and see how bad I was for the holiday season. This year I knew it was going to be bad because not only did the holidays derail my diet and exercise but the move did as well. Now that the house is in some assemblance of order, I can get back on track. So back to weight watchers I go, online of course. If I’m going to do it, I need to make it workable for my schedule. And that’s no easy feat. I work full time 40 hours a week (plus a little), my better half works well over 40 hours a week, we have a house to take care of regularly, laundry, family, etc. Our household includes us, my son, his brother, daughter and grandson. And we help out watching his grandson when his daughter works, as needed as well. So balance is essential to make this plan work for me!

My son has been down this road once or twice (more like for years) with me. Up and down the diet he’s been with me for years. Now he’s an adult (officially) with a job and friends of his own. I no longer need to worry about feeding him and taking care of his every need and haven’t for a while now. So all I have to remember is that the food I choose for myself needs to be appetizing enough for two 40 some year old men and a little boy who is a relatively picky eater; oh yeah and meet my dietary needs as well as my taste buds. Simple as snapping your fingers, NOT!

So that’s why I chose weight watchers. It’s real food not pre-planned meals. By making some simple changes that most of the family doesn’t mind, I can meet my weight loss goals, healthy choices, and still feel like I’m not doing a 360 degree change. The biggest challenge I have is that my better half is prone to migraines and many of the sugar substitutes can cause the onset of a migraine. So how do I reduce the sugar in our diet and not use sugar substitutes? I’m thinking molasses and honey will be my friend through this new adventure.

I have 66 pounds to get off my body so I’ll feel better and look better. I not only want to look better, I want to prevent so many diseases that run in my family from diabetes to heart attacks. Now is the time, I have a Wii with many fun games/exercise activities that will help me get moving. I also have a dream I have never come close to meeting and I want to accomplish it. I have wanted to be able to run a 5K from start to finish and then maybe a half and a full marathon! I want to be a strong runner and at this point it’s about finishing it, not placing or being top dog. 

So here’s to a new me in the new year. I’ve past the halfway point between 40 and 50, so it’s now or never. I need to drink plenty of water, reduce my caffeine and eat right to make this year a year of positive change. I’m up for the challenge, now it’s time to plunge right in and get it done right!

I hope everyone finds their way this year to meet that goal or dream they haven’t attempted yet. It feels good to be so motivated to get a move on.