Moving Day and Beyond

We moved on November 29th and smooth was not what it became, instead it was like an old curvy, bumpy back road when you are the passenger in a truck with no shocks. But we did it! The movers didn’t work out, so we did it all with just us and a few good friends with a truck. Let me explain the scenario for you. We had myself who is in pretty fair condition, except I’m older than I like to believe and my joints remind me of this when I push them too much. Then my boyfriend who normally would have no trouble at all, but the week before the move he broke his foot and is currently wearing a big black boot. Then we had the ones who made it all possible, his good friend, his brother, his daughter and her friend. Without them, we wouldn’t have gotten out of the gate, much less here and settled (well as much as you can be after just a few days).

So day 1 we moved most of the furniture and I set up the kitchen, office, and took care of getting our clothes situated. Day 2 I set up the dining room (mostly because it’s the only area we have in which to eat at a table, since our kitchen is a galley kitchen). Day 3 – the bed arrived (I can’t wait to sleep in my bed), and decorated for Christmas (mostly anyways) and picked up the tree! Oh yeah I plan on having a normal Christmas, fully decorated and all! What’s next on the list? Well we need to stabilize the armoire (mostly so he has somewhere for his clothes) and finish the rest of the house. But we are making progress.

Somewhere along the way, we have had a few spitting contests when our frustrations got high too! So now all I want is to get the rest of our stuff here (the boys are picking up my curio cabinet and a few bookshelves tonight) and get the balance of our stuff put away. I am ready to do that so we can relax and enjoy the rest of the week and our upcoming weekend with NO PLANS! Yes no plans is perfect right now because all I want to do is relax and watch movies or something similar for one whole weekend.

Wish us luck on that part 🙂

Overall, we are very lucky to have good friends and my parents who are so supportive of us as well as his daughter as well. They have been there for us and my mom is still helping us out. It’s a blessing to have such good friends and family in your corner.


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