He swears dinner comes at a price

For the last month, we have been eating dinner at my parents house. We also have been, and you know this if you’re following my blog, moving in two weeks. So we enjoy a nice dinner fixed by my mom. A great conversation by all. Usually with somewhere in the middle my better half and my mom throwing smart remarks back and forth. Dad and I just watch in amazement. Mom doesn’t normally take so well to people I’m dating. And just as dessert is finished and we are clearing the table, he starts looking at me with that quizzical what is it going to cost me look. I told you we were moving right?

So each Tuesday night, he has had the great privilege of accessing the attic to pull more stuff down. The last time, he thought it was the end of it. He must have forgotten who he was dating momentarily. I still had stuff up there to pull down. So he went in search of my luggage (which he has never seen before) and came down with luggage and bins of stuff I had forgot about completely.

You would think a woman would remember longerberger baskets and a kitchenaid mixer, but not me. Well honestly, I thought the mixer had been disposed of and/or sold a few years ago, but the baskets were a distant memory. And the luggage, you ask why? I figure with the tons of clothes I have to begin with, why not fold some of them and put them in my luggage to transport since I want to take it anyway. Save a box or two this way. He didn’t see the humor in it. Growl Growl Growl from the attic (in reality its just play, he doesn’t really mind it at all).

So now I sit in my room watching Man of Steel with him and look around at bare walls and empty furniture. It’s amazing how much a person can collect and how empty a room can feel without this stuff.

So this weekend we are taking a break from packing. Mostly because we both are working for a while on Saturday and have to meet our real estate agent to go over the final details of our rental on Sunday. But also, we are having a date night! Instead of packing, we are going to dinner and a play that one of my co-workers is acting in locally. I can’t wait to get a night out with him and see my friend’s acting as well. And my better half will finally get to meet one or more of the people I spend so much time with each week.

Following the play, we are heading out with his daughter and a good friend of ours as well. It’s going to be a great weekend.

I’m looking forward to spending this quality time together doing something we both thoroughly enjoy. Socializing! And we do it oh so well too!

Then next weekend we get to finalize all our packing because we move two weeks from today. I’m ecstatic to finally have our own place together. It’s the best next step for us and so far our family has been very supportive of our decision.


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