And Mom Cleans House

So along with moving and packing my life goes finding all the furniture we need for the new place. And superhero Mom comes to the rescue once again. It started out as sweet each day she would tell me of one or two more things she found or thought of for us. Now it’s just funny. The other day we were getting ready to head down the hall, I turned the light on, noticed something was missing, turned around and found a hallway rug in our pile. Now she had told me she was going to give it to us so that’s not the thing. But I didn’t expect it that same day. We have discovered we have many more things than we knew we ever owned thanks again to superhero Mom. 

Honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without her, but the on-going joke between my other half and my mom is “good now all we need to get is coasters!” She laughs and smiles every time he says it too. Amazing how smoothly this packing and getting ready to move thing is going.

I hope the rest of our life is as smooth as this one move has been so far.


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