He swears dinner comes at a price

For the last month, we have been eating dinner at my parents house. We also have been, and you know this if you’re following my blog, moving in two weeks. So we enjoy a nice dinner fixed by my mom. A great conversation by all. Usually with somewhere in the middle my better half and my mom throwing smart remarks back and forth. Dad and I just watch in amazement. Mom doesn’t normally take so well to people I’m dating. And just as dessert is finished and we are clearing the table, he starts looking at me with that quizzical what is it going to cost me look. I told you we were moving right?

So each Tuesday night, he has had the great privilege of accessing the attic to pull more stuff down. The last time, he thought it was the end of it. He must have forgotten who he was dating momentarily. I still had stuff up there to pull down. So he went in search of my luggage (which he has never seen before) and came down with luggage and bins of stuff I had forgot about completely.

You would think a woman would remember longerberger baskets and a kitchenaid mixer, but not me. Well honestly, I thought the mixer had been disposed of and/or sold a few years ago, but the baskets were a distant memory. And the luggage, you ask why? I figure with the tons of clothes I have to begin with, why not fold some of them and put them in my luggage to transport since I want to take it anyway. Save a box or two this way. He didn’t see the humor in it. Growl Growl Growl from the attic (in reality its just play, he doesn’t really mind it at all).

So now I sit in my room watching Man of Steel with him and look around at bare walls and empty furniture. It’s amazing how much a person can collect and how empty a room can feel without this stuff.

So this weekend we are taking a break from packing. Mostly because we both are working for a while on Saturday and have to meet our real estate agent to go over the final details of our rental on Sunday. But also, we are having a date night! Instead of packing, we are going to dinner and a play that one of my co-workers is acting in locally. I can’t wait to get a night out with him and see my friend’s acting as well. And my better half will finally get to meet one or more of the people I spend so much time with each week.

Following the play, we are heading out with his daughter and a good friend of ours as well. It’s going to be a great weekend.

I’m looking forward to spending this quality time together doing something we both thoroughly enjoy. Socializing! And we do it oh so well too!

Then next weekend we get to finalize all our packing because we move two weeks from today. I’m ecstatic to finally have our own place together. It’s the best next step for us and so far our family has been very supportive of our decision.


Live your life with arms wide open

The title comes from my favorite song, “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield I listen to this song any time I need inspiration and redirection in my life.It reminds me that change is not only necessary but expected in life. It also reminds me that I am in control of my life and anything is possible.

I am lucky because when I was going through a rough patch in my life, my brother gave me this song on CD and a copy of the lyrics framed. It has been on my wall or in my room ever since that day. I’m not sure he understands or realizes how much this means to me and how it affected me then or still does today.

So how do I live my life with arms open wide? That’s the easy part. I experience life and keep open minded to new experiences. This has led me to meet many different people in my life and experience things I never would have done. It also caused me to make my own bucket list.

So here’s part of my bucket list.

  1. Buy a house
  2. Learn to ski (and hopefully not break anything)
  3. Learn to be a first responder
  4. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  5. Ride a motorcycle through the country (since my boyfriend has one, this should be even more fun)
  6. Take a trip to Ireland
  7. Take a trip to Russia (my great-grandfather came from here)
  8. Learn patience
  9. Love like there’s no tomorrow
  10. Balance family, work, and home. (I’m off balance at the moment, and it’s a work in progress)

I hope everyone lives life to the fullest and develops their own bucket list. But don’t just write it down, do it. Life is short and you never know where you’re going to end up. Experience life and enjoy the ride!

And Mom Cleans House

So along with moving and packing my life goes finding all the furniture we need for the new place. And superhero Mom comes to the rescue once again. It started out as sweet each day she would tell me of one or two more things she found or thought of for us. Now it’s just funny. The other day we were getting ready to head down the hall, I turned the light on, noticed something was missing, turned around and found a hallway rug in our pile. Now she had told me she was going to give it to us so that’s not the thing. But I didn’t expect it that same day. We have discovered we have many more things than we knew we ever owned thanks again to superhero Mom. 

Honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without her, but the on-going joke between my other half and my mom is “good now all we need to get is coasters!” She laughs and smiles every time he says it too. Amazing how smoothly this packing and getting ready to move thing is going.

I hope the rest of our life is as smooth as this one move has been so far.

Pack, Purchase, and Prepare

We found our new place! I’m excited and nervous and keep flipping back and forth like I’m on a bipolar roller coaster. It’s driving everyone around me absolutely insane. So now we pack, purchase, and prepare. There’s so much to do to move in 3 weeks. We have to pack our whole lives up. I did not realize how much crap I collected in the last 20 years. It’s like going through a a dump to find a few gems. So I’m filling trash cans, packing the good stuff, and giving away the stuff I no longer want or need.

In the meantime, we are shopping for furniture and everything else.

We both have been living with family for a while now, so we don’t have anything to take with us but our clothes and collectibles. My mother has been amazing! She bought us things we need for our new place for Christmas. And she gave it to us early so we have it to get started. She also has been going through her kitchen and finding duplicate things she doesn’t need and giving them to us to get started. I don’t know how we would have been able to do it all without her help. She’s been the best!

Those things that Mom didn’t supply, we have been purchasing a little at a time. There’s furniture, kitchen stuff, cleaning stuff, and all the incidentals you don’t think about normally. We went on a short shopping trip at Walmart and found a lot of the little things we needed like the shower curtain, trash can, and toothbrush holder for the bathroom. Check room complete! Then we found some things that Mom didn’t provide for the kitchen like spatulas, a spoon holder, canisters, etc. Check room in progress! Then there’s the furniture.

We found most of our furniture from others. We found a sectional, tables, desk and wardrobe from freecycle. Nice, free furniture to get us started. We found our dining room table from Facebook, it’s an older table which is very well constructed and beautiful. Now we need a coffee table for our living room, and chairs for our dining room. Mom and Dad also gave me a desk for my computer. We are taking my headboard and buying a new mattress and box spring. Check Bedroom complete! Check living room complete!

Now the packing began. We packed my collectibles in just two short days. (Although I’m not sure anyone but me thought it was short.) Then books, and shoes, and some clothes were packed up too. Most of my jewelry and workout stuff is ready to go. We still have to pull out my china, but my crystal, silver, and serving pieces are out and ready. It’s amazing for only having one room in my house how much stuff I have collected! The attic is another place we need to dig into. There are decorations for every season in volumes up there. And Christmas will be right around the corner when we move too! I have bins on top of bins of Christmas. Luckily not so much for the other holidays.

Preparing for this move means both financially and emotionally. It’s a huge change in our lives. It will affect our available money for fun things some as well. However, we both are pretty much homebodies anyway. The only exception to that is we love to eat out. And we will need to curtail this to a degree. But the trade off is being able to come home to each other every night!

We are on our way, have told our families and they are supporting us, mostly. There is one on each side who doesn’t seem to be happy for us, but that is to be expected. My guess is they are concerned that either we are making the wrong decision or they are jealous and afraid to be left behind. Neither of which will happen! We just are ready for the next step in our lives. It’s exciting and nervous and causing me to have the wildest dreams on earth!

Wish us luck in the last few steps of our plans. Step one – compare a mover to doing it ourselves. Step two – pack the rest and pull it all out. Step 3 – sign the lease and put the money down. Step four – moving day!

I wish everyone finds someone like I have in my life. He is the love of my life, and challenges me when needed, and supports me when its appropriate. It’s a great adventure and wonderful life!