What I did for Love

   This past Friday was my boyfriends birthday. He and I have very different television and movie likes. He likes science, history, weather and ghost stuff and I prefer comedy and mysteries. So it was his day and he got to choose our weekend activities (within reason). He also was working on Saturday in an adjacent state. 

So Friday night he chose the tv lineup which included a long run of “monsters inside me” which was a discovery/science tv show about bugs and stuff that got inside real people and caused major physical issues. My thoughts on this show – Yuck, Gross, Disguising, and why in the world would someone want to watch this crap. But watch it with him is what I did. 

Saturday we went together (along with a friend of mine) out of state for him to work. The initial plan was for him to work while we shopped and went to dinner. That didn’t happen! Traffic caused him to get there 4 minutes late and miss his transport to his work location. He tried to reach his boss and decided to go to dinner with us. Halfway there the plans changed and we returned him to work to meet with her. It was supposed to take less than an hour (by the way he can’t tell time either). We ate dinner at a local pizza place next to his office which was excellent while we chatted. Then went to the local convenience store for coffee, lotto tickets, and candy. Then we called and found out he would be done in 15 minutes (did I mention he can’t tell time?) 40 minutes later he came out of the office.


So evidently I will do a lot for love. This man who can’t watch 5 minutes of football playtime with me without finding a reason to leave and I did all this. I must be crazy in love.

OK on the positive side, he takes good care of me. When I wasn’t able to use my car, he took me to and from work every day for a week. When I get hurt, he takes care of me. He’s really a gem in the rough. I just want to set alarms on his phone to go off at whatever time he says he’s going to be done or be there to remind him to hurry up or he’ll be late.

Amazing what I’ll do for love.


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