Strolling with Dinner

walkSo, as all good stories start with so, well and I remember it like this. So, tonight we went to my parents house for dinner. A normal weekly event, however, I had other ideas, he did not. We had soup, which was salty (so he was extremely happy), meatloaf which was perfect and his favorite, even though mom was unaware, cucumbers with sour cream, and green bean casserole (also known as a heart attack in a bowl), and oven browned potatoes (the closest thing to healthy on the plate). Yummy right? He was in heaven until I said the word “walk”.

I suggested, since he had agreed to it previously, we start our weekly 3-4 times a week, walk tonight. You would’ve thought I asked for his right lung. I think the first thing he said was “walk where?”! The there was  barrage of excuses as to why walking was bad for you (really? since when?). Finally he agreed, but asked if it could be up and down the driveway one time. My driveway is about 20 feet long.

Finally, after a lot of hemming and hauling, he agreed, begrudgingly to drive around. I said emphatically, NO! And we eventually made it out the door on foot. With plenty of rolled eyes and groans and moans he went along. We walked a total of about 1/2 a mile. My dead grandfather could have done this without a problem, and he was extremely overweight and unhealthy.

Finally we made it through and he could relax (that is after he retrieved my laundry basket from upstairs) I was tired from all the rationalizing as to why it was a good idea. So he said “let me get this straight, I had to take a 10 mile walk and then climb the stairs? My legs already hate me.”

So let’s see how Wednesday goes when I try this again! Wish me luck with my wonderfully health-consciously challenged man!

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