Fall Harvesting

The seasons change as does my hair color, family activities and my reading list.

The leaves start falling and I go from a light auburn to a darker auburn to match the colors of the leaves. Weird huh? Want to hear the best part? My boyfriend is the one who helps me color it. It’s hard by yourself to get to the roots and the back, but with help you can do it! This color change is the first of many things (like wardrobe) to change for the season. I love the fact that I can do this without reservations and since I’m a natural redhead (with a little silver thrown in now) it stays red unless I bleach the hell out of it (which burns like a son of a bitch so I avoid that like the black plague).

By now you know we have combined a rather strange arrangement into one large family. My immediate family includes my son who is a working young adult, my parents who are aging and slowing down, my two brothers and their families. One of my brothers is married with two college age kids, the other is divorced with two college age kids and one still in high school. We are a combination of both Irish and Polish heritage, which makes things even more interesting when we all get together and especially when we add cousins and other extended family. I also have aunts and uncles and a great-aunt still around. His family includes his daughters (5 of them), his grand-kids (6 of them for now as they are all pretty young you never know the possibilities), his adopted mom (a lady he has known most of his adults and part of his childhood who he adopted when he needed a mom), a twin brother who is very opposite of him, and a man who has been there for him for a long time (male father type). Interesting combination of things isn’t it?

Once the hair is done, I then move on to family activities. Most of our time is spent with my parents, his mom, his two daughters and his three grand-kids. This weekend we spent it with both families individually for a change. We started Friday night taking two of the grand-kids to Wal-Mart to pick pumpkins to paint. They both chose a small pumpkin, paint, and accessories to encourage their creativity. We ended up with Paint pens (which if you haven’t seen are a gift. They are like pens with paint in them, no mess, no fuss. Love these). Then we got googly eyes that have the sticky stuff already on the back, and glitter in tubes that has glue built-in. It was so much fun to watch them get excited over these things. We took it all home, ate dinner (which means we ate and his grand-daughter kept coming over to me opening her mouth so I could give her some of my food, they had already eaten), then set up to paint some pumpkins. The kids had a blast all three of them (their Pop should have had his own pumpkins for all the “help” he provided them). These pumpkins are what most mothers dream of with a head full of eyes. Then off to bed for everyone for the next day’s adventure.

The next day was my family reunion for my mothers side (the Polish one). We took the two kids with us and they made new friends almost immediately. It was at a park on the water with a playground and plenty of pavilions too. We reserve one each year that has a fireplace because in October you can never tell what the weather is going to bring (and it’s close to the bathroom which is essential for older adults and children). We thought after a while we were safe from the walk to the playground, but no such luck. So I suggested we walk (you would’ve thought I suggested we do a 10 mile run with the reaction I got, but walk we did) as it was only a short distance away. They played and found new friends there too. Then we were swinging his granddaughter (who is 4 and likes to be the princess) and she went straight off the swing into the ground (which made her mad at pop because it was all his fault). A short “hike” back with two tired kids and off they went to play again. The last thing we did was let them get involved in the grab bag of gifts one of my cousins puts together. It was great fun and everyone had a blast. We ended the day with a trip to McDonald’s for them to eat followed by them going back to Mommy. Which was followed by us going home and taking a lengthy nap. We’re old and all you know.

So today I finished the first book of a new series I started. The book is “Fifty Shades of Grey” which is an erotic romance. If you are looking for a book to explain and/or help you understand how a naive woman gets involved in a dominant/submissive relationship, this is the book for you. It’s very explanatory about how that kind of relationship works and goes into great detail about the specific actions of the relationship as well. A great way to start my fall.

What’s next? Another trip to Renfest, Halloween with and without the kids, and who knows. But one thing I know for sure (and he has reluctantly agreed to do) is we are going to start walking for exercise. I need to keep up my energy.

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