Pain & Agony Ending with Color Abound

Over the last few days, I’ve had the pleasureful experience of an itchy head to the point of painful. After the kids had head lice, I had my head checked by my better half (Note to self: find a non-EMT to do this in the future, they can’t see worth a darn). I ended up finding one on my own by mistake, YUCK! So off I go to find a way to get rid of them. I determine with the help of my boyfriends daughter, the best way to rid yourself (if your female or don’t mind the smell) is to color your hair. And no you can’t go to a salon to get it done professionally, they can’t do this because of health regulations. So off I go and buy hair dye and hope it’s close to what it looks like on the bottle (it never is by the way). And away we go dying my brownish red hair with blonde highlights fire engine red! Not what I wanted, but it has it’s benefits. You can’t miss me coming for one. The lice seem to be gone for now. And by blind better half says he likes it! And by the way, I found the rest of them because my better half’s daughter looked for me and found them and removed them (she see’s things very clearly).

So do I believe the blind EMT or not? Who knows what he really thinks, but I know this much, it’s really red! Which I guess is good because I can dye it brown next and maybe get close to the color I want after all. So what’s the prognosis? Dye it again in two weeks and have my better half’s daughter check it every so often. She has excellent sight, unlike my boyfriend.

So it started out painful and in much agony after scratching and itching for a few days. Then ended up with a very bright fire-engine red hair. Which in the end works out because it matches my personality beautifully! Just try it and you’ll see me go from 0 to 100 in 60 seconds flat. Just ask the blind man he’ll tell you how much grief he got over the phrase, “but I didn’t see anything when I looked.” Hence he is now officially the blind EMT.

The moral of this story? Don’t trust a man in a hurry to check things out over a patient female who understands your agony. Lucky the the blind man, I do love him and will forgive him.

Picture 4


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