Where we are and where do we go from here.

Everyday life can be challenging and exciting. So where are we is finding a way to join our households and families. We are joining with his daughter and grandson as well as our friend and his son into one large household. It’s an exciting and challenging adventure.

Arguments will happen. It’s how you handle them that makes or breaks any relationship. My boyfriend and I talk about it. Some people yell or bury it. So now a hunting we will go for a 5 bedroom home that is convenient for all of us!

And then the fun begins. Buying new stuff, separating responsibilities, and settling in for the ride.

The part I’m ready for the most is being with my love everyday and not going home at the end of the night because we will be home. We are together every day as it stands so it’s definitely the right move.

Wish us luck in our search. We need to find a place we can all live and that can house 5 vehicles as well! Wow what fun this will be to find!

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