Road trip with a purpose

We are heading back from newark Delaware today after a road trip with a purpose. It all started with a message on Facebook from an old friend I haven’t seen in 3 years and talked to in 2 years. Life sometimes slips away. So the message said I’ve been through a lot the last 2 years I’ve been fighting cancer.

Ok so my response is to go see her. We left Friday night without knowing where we were staying which makes my type A personality jittery. I plan everything and my boyfriend is the most spontaneous person I know.

My oldest & dearest friend lives near the Mason-Dixon Line and boy did we ever get into it back in high school. Now we are both very settled down and enjoying what life brings our way.

So off we drove at 9 o’clock at night to newark. No reservation for the weekend we were “just winging it” as by boyfriend likes to do. I made a reservation 5 minutes before arrival at a Howard Johnson’s. Balance is important! And it worked out better than expected the guy checking us in upgraded us to a suite at no additional cost. That made it better for us too.

The next day was spent at Christiana mall to do something before meeting my friend and her family for dinner. I got some much needed stuff (although my boyfriend disagrees about the need part). Then back to change and see my friend. My anxiety was up a bit not knowing how she would look or if she was any different since the cancer.

We had a great time reminiscing about how we were before responsibility took control. And she looked great! She explained age was cut open and they removed multiple organs. All I could think was I should have been there by her side. Luckily she has a husband who was there to support her through it all.

She is the strongest person I know! She was grocery shopping 6 days after her surgery and off all meds except Tylenol! Wow what a strong woman she is to do that! As teens we ran around like nuts and now look at us!

So where do we go from here? We agree not to make it so long until next time. I love her more than words can say and she has seen me through more than almost anyone. The last thing she said to me was after their vacation she wants to have us & my parents to dinner. And the last thing she said before we drove off? She told my boyfriend to take good care of me. Something that comes easy to him.

My only regret is not being there for her through it all!

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