The Cape Syndrome

I live in a world full of superhero’s. I myself have the superhero syndrome from time to time as well. Together, me and my boyfriend find we put our capes on frequently to solve the world’s (or at least our world’s) problems and issues. We get phone calls regularly from someone in some sort of disaster that needs our attention.

Now you may think it’s great helping other people, and that’s true it can be great. However, when you live with a cape, you find yourself tripping on it frequently. Before we were a couple, we found ourselves falling in traps with our damsels and dames in distress. It’s easy to fall into a “relationship” with them when they are so needy. What you don’t consider before you do this is that they are what we call “bat shyt crazy”. Let me explain further for you.

One of my crazies took me to West Virginia on a trip to see his dying father. Seems reasonable to want someone to go along with you. But instead it ended up being a weekend filled with alcohol and drugs (not me, him) and never stepping foot onto his father’s property much less into his house. We sat at the top of a mountain for at least an hour considering (him) whether or not to go to the house and face him. They had many issues throughout the years. In the end, we ended up in a heated argument about why he needed me on the trip at all when all he was going to do was get drunk and high. The end of my superhero syndrome with him, but not the end entirely.

My current partner has had some similar experiences with this syndrome that ended poorly as well. In one situation, he went to the beach on several occasions with one of his damsels. On one of these events he ended up being asked to leave every bar in the area. He’s not a big drinker by the way. But the damsel was once again bat shyt crazy. And he had his cape in full motion.

So why do I write about this?

Well, as all good stories start, I want to warn other do-gooders of the crazies out there and warn them that damsels and dames in distress are dangerous at best. They turn your world upside down for a bit and then just leave as if its normal behavior.

Make sure you do good for those who deserve and appreciate all that you do. I know that the crazies in my life now are ones who appreciate me and try to improve themselves in the end.


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