Road Tripping



We have been known a time or two to just drive! You never know what you’ll see and I love to take my camera and just shoot the scenery we find along the way. This picture is one of my favorites from driving to West Virginia and back in one day! It’s great to just get out on the open road and take a back road to just see where it leads you. You find interesting things along the way. Once we drove to Virginia to go to a wine tasting (an excuse for a drive actually) and saw this house with a metal rooster in front of it. So my better half kept referring to it as a chicken even though it was clearly a rooster. We still argue this point today, mostly because it’s funny. He suggested we buy the lawn ornament and place it in front of his mom’s house. A quiet neighborhood that would definitely have caused a ruckus at best. And she would have killed us dead! So you see whenever you need a trip and want to find something new and interesting, the best thing is just to do road tripping and see where it leads you. It’s always lead us to interesting and fun experiences.



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