A cup of Coffee

Simple things are best appreciated with a cup of coffee and a discussion. We have this joke in our relationship that says there are conversations and discussions. Conversations are one of us talking to someone and not letting them say anything (also seen as a mother with her finger pointed at you saying you will do this). Discussions are open forums of communication. We try to keep to discussions more than conversations. Our discussions are usually over a cup of coffee, sitting on the porch. Sometimes its just the two of us and sometimes it includes other family members or friends (those that we have taken in as family).

So this weekend was a combination of conversations and discussions. Let me explain myself because I was the one having the conversation this go around. I was highly irritated because things got in the way of a birthday celebration for my friend that was extremely important to me. I blamed him and accused him of stalling on purpose. I later found out it was unintentional, but it was well after my conversation about what was important to me. Look at it this way, take a woman who is coming off her medication and menopausal being mad at you. It’s like stand there while I shoot this gun at you and don’t you dare move!

We eventually got to the discussion part of this adventure. This is the part where we each explain what we felt, thought, and acted upon in the event. Luckily, we both have had times where we didn’t act calmly in a situation and have always come through it by talking about it later. So it starts with pow and ends with ahhh.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I have a relationship where I can have these arguments and then we discuss them later and come to terms with them.

My hope is everyone has some excitement followed by calmness.

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