My 40 hour family

In every person’s life there are friends, family and then their work family. These are the people we spend 40+ hours with each week. We need to get along or it’s a miserable chunk of time out of your week. I am lucky that for most of my life I have had a family at work that is supportive and fun to be around. Currently, I have a family that is diverse and opinionated, but compassionate and empathetic at the same time. It is a diverse group of people from many different experiences, backgrounds, and lifestyles. It makes for an interesting combination every day!

So we go around helping others to better themselves and learn more than we teach in the process. Each day brings new challenges to a team of people who are relatively new at working together on top of it. Some of the challenges are easy and others much harder. We work in a bull-pen setting with one phone for the whole group. BIG CHALLENGE.

Then there are the different styles and approaches each person uses. That can also be a challenge for our family. Overall we do pretty well. We generally respect and encourage each other to do better and improve ourselves. We support and help each other with things that may be outside of our learning curve. But we still have moments of “Oh wow did that just happen?”

Today was one of those for me. It gets noisy in the office when everyone is there. Since I am the only one in the office all day every day, it seems that when the rest of the office returns they forget I am still working while they are finally coming down from their day out in the field. Paperwork and socialization is the tone for the end of the day and especially the end of the week. Tempers are high and frustrations are as well.

Today it was over the phone. Of all things the placement of it. I wanted it near me so I could file and answer it, another staff wanted it anywhere else so he could do his paperwork. It became a spot of contention for the day. Finally, I gave up filing and went back to computer work. It wasn’t worth the fight. But, the frustration of it all stayed with me for a while after I got home.

Now it may seem silly to have such a small thing cause such a big frustration, but that seems to be the worst things – the little ones that just make you say, “really? can’t you just stop?”


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