The best things in life are simple

I’ve found the best things in life are simple pleasures.  The smile on a child’s face. Coming home to the person you love. Watching your children grow into responsible, caring adults. And enjoying what you do every day.

I’m one of the lucky one’s as I found the right mix of friends, work, love and life. You do realize when you make the tough choices in life who your real friends are and who are the fake ones.

I’m enjoying things in my 40’s that I could never have appreciated in my 20’s and 30’s. I love to relax and watch a movie after work. I love to help other people and I love my family (both real and adopted).

Things in my life are changing quickly and this will help me establish my travels both the good and the bad (hopefully less of that) as I make such drastic changes.

Enjoy the ride with me, I know I will!

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